Current Shelter Needs


C.A.R.E.S. accepts donations anytime during business hours--we'll gladly take your old bedding, unopened pet food, pet supplies, certain building materials, office supplies, and just about anything a shelter could possibly use.  Nearly everything in the shelter, from dog food and cat toys to our desks and computers, comes from direct community donations or is purchased with donated funds.  If you would like to donate, but need some ideas, below are lists of items the shelter is in specific need of, ordered by our level of need. 

High Need

(Day-to-day items we are always in need of)

Canned dog food (any brand)

Canned cat food (any brand)

Cat litter (clumping only)

Durable dog & cat toys

Paper towels

Garbage bags (33+ gal., 1-mil or thicker)

Laundry soap (preferably liquid)

Fabuloso (household cleaner)


Hand sanitizer (alcohol-based only)

Printer paper (plain white)

Cat treats

Dog treats (soft)

Disposable dog poop bags

Toilet paper

Office supplies (notepads, stamps, etc.)



(Items we'll need soon but not necessities)

Dog kennel doors (chain-link, need 16; appx. $400 apiece)

Funds toward ongoing vet bills

Home Again pet microchip scanner (appx. $400-500)

Installer for vinyl flooring (appx. $1200—to install donated new vinyl flooring for our lobby)

16-channel DVR (appx. $300-500—for shelter security system)

Mop heads (21”-24”)


Squeegees (long-handled and short)

Dog leashes

Dog collars (maritime)

Baking sheet pans (appx. 18”x26”)

Metal cat dishes (5”-5.5” diam.)


LOW Need

(Basically, our shelter wishlist)                                                                                                                                                                            

Body work on Animal Control vehicle (appx. $3,000)

Backup Animal Control vehicle (appx. $3,000)

Updated computers (appx. $700-1000 apiece)

Bank of cat quarantine kennels (appx. $4,000-6,000—to give us more space to house sick/injured cats)

Gift cards for gas

Gift cards for volunteers

Gift cards for supplies

Utilities payment

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ALL donations, whether material or monetary, go directly to help the animals at our shelter.